Mobile Home & R.V. Parks Civil Engineering Services


Beginning with the design of large trailer villages used to house military personnel during the Second World War, to the present-day design of multi-hundred-unit mobile home parks, our firm has been involved in mobile home, modular home, and recreational vehicle (R.V.) park design since its inception. JBA has been involved in over two-hundred and sixty (260) mobile home developments since 1941, including the design of individual modular units, overall park design, and temporary mobile facilities design. In addition to engineering design services typical of any residential development (grading, street improvements, water, wastewater, and storm drain design), JBA has also designed many of the improvements unique to mobile home/modular home/R.V. Park developments, including specialized water treatment facilities, ponds, and recreational areas. We have also developed management, accounting, and promotional materials for the mobile home industry in the past.

While our most recent mobile/modular home development project was a 338-unit mobile home park in the Lake Havasu community of San Bernardino County, CA, JBA’s numerous mobile/modular/R.V. park projects in California include a 451-unit mobile home park in the City of Ontario, an 800-space R.V. park in Anza City, a 250-unit mobile home park in Mount Shasta, a 191-unit mobile home park in the City of Oxnard, and a 240-unit mobile home park in the City of Los Angeles. JBA has also provided feasibility studies and/or facilities analyses for existing mobile home park conversion projects on several occasions – most recently, for the Windward Village Mobile Home Park in the City of Long Beach.

Primary Services

New Construction

New construction projects and addition/expansion projects for mobile/modular home parks and R.V. parks generally require many of the same design services as Residential Developments. Services provided by JBA that are unique to mobile/modular/R.V. parks include the following:

Facilities Analyses

Mobile/modular home and R.V. park facilities analyses are performed for a variety of reasons, including changes in park ownership to the conversion of parks to residential subdivisions. Typical analyses involve site visits to determine the condition of utilities, facilities, and park amenities, and the preparation of a Facilities Analysis Report with photos to substantiate findings and recommendations regarding repairs/improvements.

Forensic Engineering/Expert Witness

Members of our firm often serve as Expert Witnesses on cases involving mobile/modular/R.V. park engineering/ construction failures. Examples of mobile home park-related cases for which JBA has provided its Forensic Engineering/Expert Witness services include the following:


Project Description
Project Location
70-Space Mobile Home Park
Moreno Valley, CA
338-Space Mobile Home Park
Havasu Lake, CA
74-Space Recreational Vehicle Park
Oak Hills, CA
Friendly Hills Mobile Estates (162-Space Mobile Home Park)
Mentone, CA
Old Ranch Mobile Home Park (250-Space Mobile Home Park)
Los Angeles, CA
250-Space Mobile Home Park
Hesperia, CA
Date Palm Mobile Home Park
Indio, CA
Anza Recreational Vehicle Park (800-Space R.V. Park)
Anza, CA
Ten Oaks Mobile Home Park (115-Space Mobile Home Park)
Simi Valley, CA
451-Space Mobile Home Park
Ontario, CA
Highland Fountains Mobile Home Park (147-Space Mobile Home Park)
Highland, CA
Startlight Mobile Lodge Expansion (32-Space Mobile Home Park)
Fontana, CA
Rancho Paso Robles Mobile Home Park (155-Space Mobile Home Park)
Paso Robles, CA
Meadowlake Mobile Home Park (191-Space Mobile Home Park)
Oxnard, CA
Fontana Sunset Gardens Mobile Home Park(33-Space Mobile Home Park)
Fontana, CA
Villa Corona Mobile Home Park (187-Space Mobile Home Park)
Corona, CA
339-Space Mobile Home Park
Desert Hot Springs, CA
Fallbrook Mobile Home Park Property
Fallbrook, CA
Victorian Village Mobile Home Park (288-Space Mobile Home Park)
Mount Shasta, CA
Panorama Cover Mobile Home Addition
Hemet, CA
Laguna Vista Mobile Estates
Oceanside, CA
250-Space Mobile Home Park
Moorpark, CA


Example Projects
Mobile Home Park Projects
Mobile Home Park Specific Expert Witness Cases